Advisory Board

The Aggie Enterprise Advisory Board provides recommendations, feedback and support to help ensure a successful project implementation across UC Davis. 


  1. Provide recommendations to Governance on key configuration and process decisions related to Aggie Enterprise (Oracle), including risk analysis.
  2. Ensure Aggie Enterprise incorporates critical UC Davis-specific requirements.
  3. Represent constituency viewpoints and make recommendations to overcome roadblocks in project implementation.

Key responsibilities

  1. Attend monthly meetings (1 hour each in year 1 (July 2021 – June 2022); 1.5 hour each in year 2+ (July 2022 – December 2023); 1 hour each in (January – July 2024).
  2. Champion UC Davis' transition from Kuali Financials to Aggie Enterprise within the UC Davis community.
  3. Provide feedback on project decisions through a strategic lens, bringing forward any concerns from constituents.
  4. Actively leverage the Change Network and Work Stream Engagement subject matter experts in your represented units to build awareness, facilitate communication and focus on specific aspects of the system modules.

Advisory Board Members

Emily Sanson-Smith Academic Liaison Advisory Board Chair
Ian Blake  Executive Assistant Dean College of Letters and Sciences
Brett Burns Senior Assistant Dean School of Law
Elissa Roeser Executive Assistant Dean, Administration College of Engineering
Damian Chapman Assistant Dean for Finance, Administration and Strategy Development School of Education
Myrene Abot Business Officer Offices of the Chancellor and Provost 
Denise Ehlen Associate Vice Chancellor Office of Research
Holly Evans Assistant Dean Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing
Brian McEligot Executive Assistant Dean of Finance and Administration College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
Jim Kelly Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration Graduate School of Management
Larisa Kure  Executive Assistant Dean, Administration and Finance School of  Medicine
Sean Lynch Assistant Dean Continuing and Professional Education
Mary McNally Executive Assistant Dean, Administration School of Veterinary Medicine
Sean Quinn Chief Financial Officer Athletics
Jennifer Rossi  Chief Administrative Officer School of Medicine
Jen Sang Executive Assistant Dean College of Biological Sciences
Monica Wilson Finance and Budget Director Student Affairs
Blair Stephenson Associate Vice Chancellor Finance, Operations and Administration
Erum Syed  Executive Assistant Dean Graduate Studies
Elizabeth Vaziri Director Library
Erica Aichwalder-Barclift Change Management, Communication, and Training Lead Aggie Enterprise Change, Communication, and Training, Ex-officio
Jackie Velásquez Senior Project Manager Aggie Enterprise Project Management Office, Ex-officio