Aggie Enterprise Finance is a suite of Enterprise Resource Planning applications that form the foundation of the system.

    The Finance module is comprised of four key areas: Cash Management, Receivables, Fixed Assets and the General Ledger. 

    • Cash Management supports the oversight of our banking activities and accounts, including reconciliation of bank statements.  
    • Receivables supports our billing and revenue collection activities, such as invoice generation and receipt management. 
    • Fixed Assets provides greater transparency into university assets, improving our ability to manage depreciation. 
    • General Ledger, built around the new Chart of Accounts, supports more robust financial reporting.  
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    Finance Training

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    How-To Videos

    How to Log in to and Navigate Aggie Enterprise

    Creating an Invoice in Incomplete Status

    Review Invoice and Print Display

    Job Aids - Accounts Receivable

    Accounts Receivable

    Job Aids are maintained in the ServiceHub Knowledge Base. When you select a How-To guide below, you will be redirected to the appropriate Knowledge Base article.
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    AR - Complete & Approve Invoices

    Job Aids - General Ledger & Fixed Assets

    Self-Paced Training Series

    Self-paced courses (eLearning) are hosted in the UC Learning Center. Clicking on the course will redirect you to the UC Learning Center.
    For a view of all recommended course by Job Role (JR), click here.

    Accounts Receivable eLearning thumbnail
    Introduction to Billing and Accounts Receivable in Aggie Enterprise

    Navigate the billing and accounts receivable workspaces, work with transactions and accounts receivable reports.

    Applicable Aggie Enterprise Job Roles:

    • UCD Receivables Adjustments & Write-Offs JR
    • UCD Receivables Invoice JR
    • UCD Receivables Invoice Entry JR
    Fixed Assets course thumbnail
    Managing Fixed Assets in Aggie Enterprise

    Learn about the roles and responsibilities associated with fixed assets and the fixed assets subledger.

    Applicable Aggie Enterprise Job Roles:

    • UCD Fixed Assets Inquiry JR
    Click to open Purchasing Capital Assets Course
    Purchasing Capital Equipment in Aggie Enterprise

    Identify which items qualify as capital equipment, how to requisition them using Aggie Enterprise, and see the review and approval process for these requisitions.

    Applicable Aggie Enterprise Job Roles:

    • UCD Fixed Assets Inquiry JR
    • UCD Purchasing Receiving JR
    • UCD Purchasing Requisition Entry JR
    Click to open Introduction to General Ledger and Journal Types
    Introduction to the General Ledger and Journal Types

    Learn Subledgers, Subledger Accounting (SLA), journal sources, journal categories, journal creation, approval, and navigation within the General Ledger module.

    Applicable Aggie Enterprise Job Roles:

    • UCD General Ledger Inquiry JR
    • UCD General Ledger Inquiry Entry JR
    Click to open Viewing Journals and the General Accounting Dashboard
    Viewing Journals and the General Accounting Dashboard

    Learn to search for journals in Aggie Enterprise, access subledger journals from the general ledger, and access frequently used general ledger reports. 

    Applicable Aggie Enterprise Job Roles:

    • UCD General Ledger Inquiry JR
    • UCD General Ledger Inquiry Entry JR


    Course-related Resources

    Access resources referenced and linked within eLearning courses.

    Additional Resources

    Title Format Description
    Fixed Assets Demo on Feb. 13, 2023    
    Fixed Assets Demo - Recording mp4

    An overview of the Fixed Assets subledger and asset management in Aggie Enterprise.

    Fixed Assets Demo - Slide deck PDF Demo slide deck, including an appendix section with screenshots from the Aggie Enterprise Fixed Assets subledger.
    Fixed Assets Demo Q&A (Updated May 2023) PDF

    Answers to questions submitted in chat during the Fixed Assets demo on February 13, 2023.

    Fixed Assets Data Dictionary & Value Sets Excel Definitions, value sets and examples of Oracle Fixed Assets fields, as well as a crosswalk from KFS CAMS data to Oracle Fixed Assets..
    Best Practices for Tracking Non-Capital Assets PDF Best practice guidance to support tracking non-capital assets with similar care and control as inventorial assets. UC Davis will not be using the Oracle Fixed Assets subledger to track non-capital equipment, other than those required by policy (e.g., sponsor-owned assets and firearms).
    General Ledger Journals    
    KFS to Aggie Enterprise GL Journals PDF A crosswalk of current state, KFS Document/Entries to future state Aggie Enterprise General Ledger Journals. Published on July 17, 2023, this is a partial list that will be updated to include Auxiliary Vouchers and Pre-Encumbrance when that information becomes available.