Month End Close

Ledger close dates for accounting transactions in Aggie Enterprise.

Aggie Enterprise (Oracle) is organized into a general ledger (GL) and several subledgers for different functions like cash management, payables, procurement, projects (PPM) and accounts receivable (AR). Data is summarized as it flows from the subledgers to the general ledger, and each subledger must close in a sequential order each month. To maintain accuracy in financial records, we conduct month-end close processes. Teams review subledger balances, validate transactions, fix discrepancies, and make necessary adjustments. This monthly closing ensures precise financial reporting and compliance.

To ensure transactions and online journal entries post to the appropriate accounting period, the document, with final approval, needs to occur prior to the end of business (5:00 p.m. PST) on the cut-off date. 

2024 Ledger Cut-off and Close Dates

Accounting Period

Boundary System
Cut-Off Date
(excluding UCPath)
Accounts Payable (AP)
Cut-Off Date
General Ledger (GL) 
Cut-Off Date
Period Close Date
 Deadline for Boundary Systems feeds to post transactions.
3rd business day
Deadline for departments to approve invoices.
3rd business day
Deadline to ensure all GL journals are in Posted status.
4th business day
Final close date for Month End
6th business day
2024 - Jan02/05/202402/05/202402/06/202402/08/2024
2024 - Feb03/05/202403/05/202403/06/202403/08/2024
2024 - Mar04/03/202404/03/202404/04/202404/08/2024
2024 - Apr05/03/202405/03/202405/06/202405/08/2024
2024 - May06/05/202406/05/202406/06/202406/10/2024
2024 - June**June close does not follow month-end close. See year-end calendar.

Month-End Close Guidance

Activities must be completed before the end of business (5:00 p.m. PST) on dates identified above.

If you initiate Journals:

  • The General Ledger cannot be closed at month-end until all entries have successfully posted or have been deleted. Unposted journal statuses: in progress, routing for approval, withdrawn and rejected must be cleared.
  • Review your journal entries and ensure successful posting. If necessary, delete any unposted or incorrect entries.
  • Utilize the Review and Edit Manual Unposted Journals and follow the steps to Copy, Withdraw or Resubmit a Posted Journal.

If you initiate or provide departmental approval for Accounts Receivable invoices:

  • Complete Accounts Receivable invoices, as well as any invoice adjustments that are pending in Aggie Enterprise. Run the Departmental Incomplete Billing Report to review pending items.
  • To locate your incomplete (saved) invoices, follow the steps to Complete an AR Invoice.
  • To locate adjustments pending approval, follow the steps in the Approve Invoice Adjustment guide.
  • Invoices or adjustments created after the 1st of each month will default the Transaction Date and Accounting Date to the current month. You can change the Transaction Date to a prior date if appropriate.  

If you approve Accounts Payable invoices: