Known Issues and Approved Change Requests

Aggie Enterprise System Known Issues and Approved Change Requests


In Progress Log

This log tracks issues and approved change requests impacting Aggie Enterprise processes and reports.

  • Finance, including PPM Projects
  • AreaSummaryDescription and WorkaroundStatusCreated Date
    PPM - Manage Project CostsApplying the “Between” filter when setting the Accounting Period search parameters will deliver incorrect/ incomplete search results.

    When using the “Advance” search features on the Manage Project Costs screen, the system includes the option to select “Between” for Account Period search parameters.

    Search fields on Manage Project Costs screen with Box around the Accounting Period field.

    There is a known issue in Oracle that treats the Accounting Period as a string value, rather than a transaction value, meaning that the system searches alphabetically instead of by date. This error results in incorrect/ incomplete search results when the “between” option is selected.

    Updates to resolve this issue must be completed by Oracle; we cannot fix the issue locally. Until a resolution is rolled out by Oracle, users should not use “Between” when setting the search parameters for Accounting Period in Manage Project Costs.

    >5/23/24: This has been reported to Oracle and is dependent on an Oracle solution. This will remain open until a response from Oracle is received.

    Pending Oracle solution, it is recommended users don't use "Between" as a search parameter

    PPM - Sponsored Project Award End DatesConverted Sponsored Project Award Close and Project Completion Dates being updatedFor converted PPM Sponsored Projects, the Award Close and Project Completion Dates are being updated to allow costing and corrections. 5/23/24: In progress; expect to be completed by mid-June5/10/24
    PPM- AwardsSome KFS Awards did not migrate to Aggie EnterpriseThere are Awards in KFS that should have migrated to Aggie Enterprise but they did not. Teams are working to add those Awards into Aggie Enterprise, including importing costs.5/23/24: In progress; expect to be completed by May 315/10/24
    Finance - Finance and Administration Offset Recovery (Offset)Error in the way Finance and Administration Offset Recovery (Offset) is recording in the General Ledger

    An error was detected in the way the Facilities and Administration Offset Recovery (Offset) records in the General Ledger.  The Offset is used to centrally accumulate the total F&A being recorded on individual sponsored projects.  The system has been incorrectly posting the Offset to the same Financial Department and Project where the F&A expense is posting.  The Offset should have been recorded in the central Contracts and Grants Accounting Financial Department.

    To fix this issue, a journal entry is being made to reverse the incorrect lines and post the corrected lines. This journal entry will be for the period January 2024 to April 2024.  The entry is expected to post to Aggie Enterprise by 5/24/24.

    Additionally, the accounting rules for posting future F&A transactions are being updated and will be put into production as soon as possible.  At that point, an additional journal entry will be made to correct postings from May to the date the new accounting rules are implemented in the system.

    5/23/24: Corrections for January - April 2024 will post by 5/24/24. Corrections for May pending.5/23/24
  • Gifts and Endowment
  • AreaSummaryDescription and WorkaroundStatusCreated Date
    Foundation Funds

    Foundation Funds beginning with 6XXXX or 7XXXX were created in error and have been inactivated.

    Central Accounting will research and address any balances on these funds.

    Early on in conversion planning, Foundation funds were assigned 6xxxx and 7xxxx fund numbers. It was later decided to change them to alpha-numeric funds (See Understanding Gift Fund Value Structure KBA).  
    • Note: Past iterations of department mapping may have included the 6xxxx and 7xxxx Foundation funds, which have now been inactivated.

    In addition, Foundation provided a list of allocations that are inactive and should not have been brought over to Aggie Enterprise. In some cases, funds were set up for these allocations using the 6xxxx/7xxxx fund numbering (and then disabled in January). Departments have reported that there are KFS balances as of 12/31 for some of these allocations. Central Accounting will need to research and possibly create a new alpha-numeric fund so the balance can be transferred over.

    For departments:
    If you come across a balance in a 6XXXX or 7XXXX fund that has been inactivated, please submit a ticket to the Gift & Endowment team. Use the Aggie Enterprise Help Request Form, selecting the following:

    • Category: Transaction processing, general policy questions, functional support
    Functional subcategory: Accounting and Financial Reporting
    • Topic: Gifts and Endowment Accounting

    In Progress3/5/24
  • Purchasing
  • AreaSummaryDescription and WorkaroundStatusCreated Date
    Purchasing - Catalog Suppliers Not all previously available AggieBuy Catalogs are enabled

    While over 20 catalogs are available in Aggie Enterprise, not all previously available AggieBuy Catalogs are there yet. Catalogs are continuously being added. 

    See Supplier Catalog plan for details.  

    5/23/24: In Process1/4/24
    Purchase Order (PO) ConversionNo sales tax converted for open PO linesDue to complexity of extracting correct sales tax for only open purchase order lines from Kuali, converted POs in Aggie Enterprise do not include sales tax. When converted POs are invoiced, correct sales tax will be calculated by tax engine and will be paid based on zip code listed in PO and vendor charged tax. On-going for all converted POs 1/23/24
  • Accounts Payable
  • AreaSummaryDescription and WorkaroundStatusCreated Date
    Accounts Payable – Invoicing on Converted POsMapping of CoA/PPM on invoices of converted POs may not reflect desired mapping

    Purchase orders were converted based on the CoA/PPM rules that were established for go-live. The invoicing team is unable to update the existing accounting information.

    In the event that these rules do not reflect the department's desired mapping, the recommended guidance is to reallocate the expense after the invoice is approved. This can be done through a journal or PPM cost transfer.

    On-going -Manual workaround required1/22/24


  • Reports: Issues
  • AreaSummaryDescription and WorkaroundStatusCreated Date
    Scheduled ReportsUpdate to your scheduled reportIt is recommended that you update your scheduled reports if there are resolutions to defects or enhancements. Ongoing5/13/24
    UCD IDC ReportFixes reported defectsResolves issues with duplicate and incorrect multiplies and incorrect reference of costs subject to indirectTestingTarget Release 5/23/24
    UCD Agreement Usage ReportFixes reported defectFixes time zone issueSignoffTarget Release 5/23/24
    UCD Project Cost Reconciliation Report
    Fixes reported defects

    Isolate Primary Ledger

    Update to performance

    Fix Layout to display correct output

    Fix duplicate rows and incorrect data

    Addition of multiple parameters:

    -GL date range parameter
    -Business Unit parameter
    -Document Entry Type Parameter
    -Rename existing and new parameter prompts appropriately

    SignoffTarget Release 5/23/24
    UCD GL VIPER Detail Report and UCD GL VIPER Summary ReportAdjusts Financial Department level parameter and add new fields

    Adjust Parameter:

    -User needs to be able to run by Parent Level E Financial Department

    Add New Fields:

    -Vendor Name

    -Report Key - currently the report only displays Purchasing Card transaction and user needs the detailed data


    Target Release


    Invoice Print Template (Receivables)Fixes reported defectsResolves PDFs cutting off and incorrect address informationIn-ProgressTBD
    Purchase Order PDF ReportFixes reported defectsCorrect coding to resolve incorrect buyer detail on PDFIn-ProgressTBD
    UCD National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) (PPM) ReportSplit the file output to send information as 3 files 

    There will be a separate project file with all the master data information on project task details along with Task DFF values for Non-Sponsored projects. This should also list the award against the project and NIFA Accession & Project Number for each entry where applicable.

    There will be a separate file for master data of Awards – all details needed for awards.

    There will be an expenditures file which can be linked via Project, Tasks, and Expenditure Item Date.

    Each award personnel/project team player information should include the corresponding effective start and end date of the personnel/team player.

    UCD PPM GL Cost Reconciliation ReportFixes reported defectReport times out when running and fails when schedulingIn-ProgressTBD
    UCD All Users Audit ReportEnhancement Request

    Add Parameter: Status (All, Active or Inactive) 

    Add or Modify Fields:

    • Number (Person or Party Number)
    • Category (User Category)
    • Switch ‘Active’ field from Y or N to naming ‘Status’ referencing Active or Inactive

    Order Report by User Name, then Role Names

    Change RequestTBD
    UCD Faculty and Department Portfolio ReportEnhancement Request

    Add the following fields: Award Entity and Project Entity

    Order report by - Project Type, Project Number, Task Number

    Adjust decimal point to .xx for all related values

    Change RequestTBD
    UCD Transaction Listing Report - GL and Subledger Detail Enhancement Request

    Add fields from original Transaction Listing Report used to identify GLIDE boundary applications: Document Type, Document Number, Tracking Number, and Reference.

    Transaction Number prompt is actually a search for AP/AR Invoice Number which the prompt will be renamed in Phase 2 updates

     Target Release 5/30/24
  • Reports: New Report Requests
  • Reports listed here have been approved for production and are in development. 

    UCD Transaction Listing Report - GL and Subledger Detail The report will provide users with Summary Chart of Account balances and information for sub-ledger and General Ledger journal entries Detail. Works toward an FISDS-1 Replacement.Released 5/21
    UCD GL Balance Summary ReportSimilar to UCD GL and Sub-ledger Reconciliation Report moving accounts from default Parents in balancing with the General Ledger Summary Report (i.e. 775xxx from Revenue to Expense, etc...).In-Progress
    UCD PPM Budget History ReportA new report to allow Project Managers and Functional Users to extract all historical budget details for projects or group of projects.  This report will allow users to compare changes over time, and to ensure the GL balance for the project aligns with the PPM Project budget.In-Progress
    UCD Quarterly Federal Cash Transaction ReportThis report will provide the necessary information for completing the Federal Quarterly Reports. Federal Report requires Quarterly activity in addition to Cumulative to Date detail.Testing
    UCD GL Oracle to Lawson Details Report

    Get a daily transaction download report from Oracle that is a (by FAU-GL string) of Company 3210/10 and 3111 data.

    Use this Oracle download to compare to a full download (by FAU-GL string) of Company 3210/10 and 3111 data out of Lawson.

    UCD Faculty and Department Portfolio Expense ReportA report for reporting (Fiscal Year) Monthly expense detail at the Award, Project, and Task level. This will compliment the existing Faculty and Department Portfolio Report which provides Budget, Commitment, Expenses and Balances as of a given date.Requirements Phase
    UCD GL Income Statement ReportSimilar to UCD GL and Sub-ledger Reconciliation Report removing accounts 1XXXXX and 2XXXXX.Requirements Phase
    UCD Student Financial Aid Checks ReportStudent Accounting needs a report that shows the date in which their student federal aid checks have been cashed. Requirements Phase
    UCD Gift Accounting ReportA new report for Accounting and Financial reporting that will pull active gift fee, revenue, expense, and endowment accounts which can be run monthly for posting allocations.Requirements Phase
    UCD Transaction Listing Detail ReportUCD Transaction Listing Report does not display the actual document number from the source system. The request is to add the actual document number to the report output (eg  if the JE source is AP, add the AP Invoice Number associated with the Journal Detail Line; or if the JE source is AR, add the AR Invoice Number associated with the Journal Detail Line; or if source is SCM, add the REQ number, PO number, Invoice Number, and Payment Number, etc)Requirements Phase


Resolved Log

Tracking issues that have been resolved, enhancements and user-facing change requests that have been implemented.

  • Finance, including PPM Projects
  • AreaSummaryDescription and WorkaroundStatusRelease Date
    GL Revenue Transfer JournalsRevenue Transfer journals for GL only recharges are auto-rejectingUnits who submit recharge billing to GL only chart strings on their own using the UCD Revenue Transfer Journal process will have their journal auto-reject.  This is expected to be fixed very quickly so please wait to submit your journal until the fix is completed. 

    If your journal has already auto-rejected you can resubmit the rejected journal after the fix (if you do not want to resubmit your journal for approval, then you should click Batch Actions and select the Delete option from the drop-down menu to delete the rejected journal).
    PPM ProjectsSome PPM Projects were created in the GL, but not in the PPM subledgerAnalysis complete. Process for correction can be found in the PPM Project values missing from the PPM subledger knowledge article.  Resolved1/23/24
    PPM Projects end datesPPM Projects end and close dates are incorrect

    During conversion some PPM Project end and close dates set to default, this impacts expense transactions and other activities associated with financial administration of a sponsored award. 

    An enhancement was applied to update end and close dates to correct date(s). 

    TouchNet credit card feed processing (not a Banner issue)TouchNet credit card feed, for only those merchants that process directly to the ledger, was inaccurate.

    TouchNet daily credit card feed was inaccurate for those merchants that process directly to Aggie Enterprise ledger.

    All transactions posted from the TouchNet Feed to the ledger have been reversed, and reloaded with correct amounts.

    PPM revenue acceptance for recharge revenueBoundary Systems unable to post recharge revenue to PPM non-sponsored projectChange implemented to that allows Boundary Systems (BSYS) to post UCD Recharge Revenue to a PPM Internal (Faculty) Project. Implemented2/9/24
    PPM Non-Sponsored Projects Incorrect budget load during conversion

    The budgets loaded into PPM Non-Sponsored Projects are have a budget as of October close. 

    December 2023 close balances from KFS were loaded as PPM Budgets end-of-January, to ensure they match the converted budget balances in the GL. At that time, everything will be up-to-date from a conversion standpoint.

    2/9/24: December budgets were loaded and validated

    Related: CGA is working to process new and amended projects received after November 21st. 

    Subaward processing Additional Fund and Natural Account parents

    An enhancement was implemented o comply with UCOP guidance and to allow new Subawards to be processed in the 1800B Fund groups. 

    Impacts all users as the update Cross-Validation Rule (CVR) will include additional Fund and Natural Account parents:

    1800B - Special Site Appropriations B

    1999B - Specific State Appropriations B

    2000B - Contracts and Grants

    Natural Account 53300B - Subcontract Services

    GL balances Incorrect carryforward balances posting to unit instead of central accounting financial departments

    Carryforward offsets erroneously posted to academic and administrative units instead of Central Office General Accounting. This may impact the available balances units are seeing at go-live.

    In Feb. '24 a one-time process to support Correcting Chart String Balances (and PPM Budgets) Post Go-Live began, units submitted files for converted balance corrections including PPM budgets. On 4/29/24 GL conversion reclass corrections for converted balances were loaded into Aggie Enterprise.

    PPM BudgetsNot all Chart of Accounts (CoA) mapping incorporated into converted balances/PPM Budgets for go-live

    In Feb. '24 a one-time process to support Correcting Chart String Balances (and PPM Budgets) Post Go-Live began, units submitted files for converted balance corrections including PPM budgets. On 4/29/24 GL conversion reclass corrections for converted balances were loaded into Aggie Enterprise.

    It may be helpful to use the Inquire on Detail Balances tool in the General Accounting Dashboard to verify the balances. 

    PPM Department Kick-Out (DKO) projectLogic for PPM Department Kick-Out projects requires correction

    At go-live, there were cases where the Department Kick-Out (DKO) logic was not working as expected and transactions posted to DKO projects, including payroll transactions.

    This issue impacted the DKO process and the UCPath Labor Ledger Processing (I-101 and I-370).

    A fix was applied 5/8 to correct validation flow. The payroll workflow has been updated to utilize GL error workflow, which should reduce activity in DKO. 

    Note to Departments: You should review transactions hitting your DKO projects regularly; see Understanding DKO Projects and Transferring Costs out of DKO Projects KBA for additional guidance. Departments are responsible for moving costs off of DKO projects. 



  • Purchasing
  • AreaSummaryDescription and WorkaroundStatusRelease Date
    InvoicesSubaward invoice routing missing approval stepAn enhancement has been applied to ensure that subaward invoices always route to both project manager (department approver) and then to PI before going out for payment. All subaward invoices must be approved by project manager and PI to ensure appropriate use of funds.Implemented1/26/24
    Purchase Orders (PO) ConversionPOs mapped to some PPM projects did not convert2/9/24 update: 81 of the 100 POs that did not initially convert have successfully been reloaded. 19 POs did not convert. At this point, the 19 will not be reloaded. If they are still valid and need to be in Aggie Enterprise, please process a Requisition and note in your request that this is an attempt to recreate a PO from KFS that did not convert. You would also want to make sure the vendor who will send the invoice to Aggie Enterprise is aware of the new PO number that is being created in the system. Resolved2/9/24
    Purchase Order PDFOne Time Locations were not populating in Delivery section of PO PDF

    Issue resolved, Delivery addresses now populating in corresponding Delivery Address box on the PO PDF. 

    As a reminder, for Purchase Orders that are automatically created, with no buyer involvement, the resulting PO will need to be manually provided/emailed to the supplier once it is issued.

    Update "Edit Order" functionalityRemove the "add" and "duplicate" options when trying to create a change orderThe "add" and "duplicate" options interfered with pre-populated procurement smart forms, causing incompletion Requisition lines to route to buyers. Removing these buttons eliminates the incomplete lines and improves turnaround time for PO processing.Implemented2/23/24
  • Accounts Payable
  • AreaSummaryDescription and WorkaroundStatusCreated Date
    Accounts Payable - PaymentsACH payments remittance emails not set up for all vendorsAt go-live not all vendors have ACH remittance email addresses set up in their records. AP and Supplier Services will continue working to add these emails so remittance notifications can go out to payees.

    Vendors with questions on ACH payments should contact
  • Reports
  • AreaSummaryDescription and WorkaroundStatusRelease Date
    PPM UCD Faculty and Department Portfolio ReportProject Manager and PI column data Approved change request to enhance PPM UCD Faculty and Department Portfolio. Future report will populate PI, Project Manager, and Co-PI columns. Implemented1/12/24
    PPM Accounts Receivable Invoice Detail ReportFields on Accounts Receivable Invoice Detail report - Collectors not appearing where expectedApproved change to fix Customer Site amount due and collector's fields on the Accounts Receivable Invoice Detail reportImplemented1/12/24
    GL Monitoring ReportReport was timing out without reporting dataApproved change implemented to fix run time and data report.  Implemented2/9/24
    PPM UCD Faculty and Department Portfolio ReportBudget Commitments and Actuals on the Summary tab are incorrect.Approved change implemented, summary totals now match detail report Implemented2/9/24
    GL Summary ReportGL Summary Report was rounding to 1,000s Enhancement applied, now displays in whole dollarsImplemented2/9/24
    UCD Transaction Listing ReportUCD Transaction Listing Report was unable to be scheduled with an open-ended or future "to period"Enhancement applied, report can be scheduled without having to change parameters with every monthly periodImplemented2/9/24
    VIPER ReportAll posted journals under the VHO department is displayed on this reportViper report will display GL Monthly and YTD actuals from the ledger by Level D (VHO) of the natural account
    hierarchy based on selected parameters.
    Purchase Order PDF ReportMultiple defects fixed

    Logic changed to include restricted categories from Procurement Hierarchy instead of the restricted category value set

    Update the stores replenishment order PO PDF to default to the email for the Delivery Address and correctly reference the Department Contact

    UCD Inventory Item On-Hand Quantity ReportNew ReportCreation of a report to view on hand quantities for stock items that are not set to systematically replenishImplemented2/29/24
    UCOP Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service Report ExtractsFixed 

    Fix to the Department Report to include and exclude specific departments and re-sort the file.

    Fix to the Projects Report to exclude future dated burden Schedules

    UCD Payables ReportMultiple defects fixed

    Fixed multiple "Line Amount" for every "Project Task"

    Line Amount is missing invoice distribution amounts

    Report is not displaying 'Assessed Tax' amount in the Tax column

    UCD Requisition and Purchase Order Activity Report Time out issues when running reportOptimized report for better run time.  Implemented3/14/24
    UCD DE 542 Report Check Status adjusted

    Check status adjusted from NEGOTIABLE to excluding the following:

    • Spoiled. The payment document was damaged during a payment batch and you have recorded it as Spoiled when you confirmed the payment batch. It is non-negotiable.
    • Stop Initiated. You have initiated a stop payment on the check.
    • Unconfirmed Set Up. The payment document was used as a set up check in a payment batch, and you have not yet confirmed the payment batch.
    • Voided. You have voided the payment, and it is no longer valid for payment.
    Reporting DashboardMultiple defects fixed

    Fixed the URL on the reporting dashboard to be dynamic 

    Resolve incorrect reference of UCD Request and PO activity report to show UCD Requisition and PO Activity Report

    UCD Requisition and Purchase Order Activity Report Add Customer Reference to the reportAdd Customer Reference to the reportImplemented3/14/24
    UCD Drawdown ReportUpdate code to use a new tableFixes UCD Drawdown Report - update code for new table as a result of the 23B changeImplemented 3/28/24
    UCD National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) Program Management (PGM) ReportUpdate to the NIFA PGM ReportFixes UCD National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) Program Management (PGM) Report to disable bursting optionImplemented3/28/24
    UCD Payables Report Multiple updates

    Resolve merging of cell data & moves export from Excel 2003 to RTF format 

    Added Accounting Date & Period parameters 

    Adjusted Project Task parameter & Report field

    AE Audit ReportNew ReportNew Aggie Enterprise Audit report to identify all active and inactive UC Davis employeesImplemented4/4/24
    UCD National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) GL ReportUpdate to the NIFA GL and GL Incremental Report

    Fixes UCD National Institute of Food and Agriculture General Ledger Report to include missing layout

    Fixes UCD National Institute of Food and Agriculture General Ledger Incremental Report - Initial Load

    UCD Transfer Order Status Report Added new parameters and fields & changed field names

    Add New Parameters: Pick Slip Status, Pick List From Date, and Pick List To Date

    Add New Fields: Pick List Status and Transfer Order Line Number

    Renaming Fields: Fulfilled Quantity to Picked Quantity and Internal Requisition Quantity to Requested Quantity

    UCD Disbursement Positive Pay File FormatFix to resolve characters pushing columns outAdded logic to replace all commas, quotations, and characters which are not allowed with a " " (blank) for formatting of transfer file (Invoice number, date from INVDESC, etc...)Implemented4/18/24 
    General Ledger Summary ReportFixes the PTD reporting the same as YTDAdjustments to Period Activity parameter for PTDImplemented4/18/24 
    UCD Payables Invoice DistributionMultiple fixes to the report

    Distribution Details for Invoices Failed to execute post 24A Release

    Expenditure Organization & Project were blank for some lines

    Segment Value missing from Project & Task

    Department P&L ReportFixes the PTD reporting the same as YTDAdjustments to Period Activity parameter for PTDImplemented4/25/24 
    UCD Faculty and Department Portfolio Report Multiple fixes to the report

    Adjustment to parameters and fields

    Resolves missing Project Manager information & SubQuery Error

    UCD PGM Master Data ReportRequests adjustment to parameters and fields

    Adjust Award Organization parameter name to Award Org

    Add the following (mulit) Select & Search parameters:

    • Project Number - title Project Number
    • Project Owning Organization - title Project Owning Org
    • Project Principal Investigator - title Project PI

    Adjust the following column names:

    • Principal Investigator Person Name to Award PI
    • Organization to Award Org
    • Co-PI to Award Co-PI

    Add the following columns:

    • Project Principal Investigator - title Project PI
    • Project Owning Organization - title Project Owning Org
    • Project Fund

    Reorder Report (post above changes)

    UCD Faculty and Department Portfolio ReportMultiple Bug Fixes and Enhancements 

    Bug Fixes:
    -PM not showing up on reporting when run by PI

    Add New Header:
    - Report Run Date

    Add New Parameter:
    - Project Number
    - Parent Project Owning Organization (to allow for Parent level searches)

    Modify Parameters:
    - Project Manager (PM) move to a new parameter prompt, also adding Project Administrator as an option - title Project Admin/Project Mgr
    - Principal Investigator/ Project Manager/ Co-PI rename to PI/Co-PI

    Add New Fields:
    - Project Administrator 
    - Award Status
    - Project Status
    - Task Status
    - Budget Balance (Detail tab only)

    Modify Field:
    - Budget Balance(Total Budget - Expenditures - Commitments) header on Summary tab rename to Budget Balance (Budget – (Comm & Exp))

    UCD Transaction Listing ReportFixes reported defectFixes merged cells 5/9/24
    UCD Transaction Listing Report - GL and Subledger Detail New ReportThe report will provide users with Summary Chart of Account balances and information for sub-ledger and General Ledger journal entries Detail. Works toward an FISDS-1 Replacement. 5/21/24
  • User Interface
  • AreaSummaryDescription and WorkaroundStatusRelease Date
    Homepage layoutRemoved "Social" tile and left sidebar.To streamline homepage, removed the left sidebar, and "Social" tile. Removing "Social" drives users to seek support using established channels.  Implemented



  • Segmentor
  • AreaSummaryDescription and WorkaroundStatusRelease Date
    UCPath PPM tab"Validate" button was not performing true validation.The validate button was returning successful chart strings regardless of possible issues. Resolved



    POET PPM tabChart string order at the bottom of the page.

    The POET PPM tab was displaying the chart string at the bottom in PTOEAF order, instead of POETAF.