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Welcome to the Aggie Enterprise Resource Library! 

Here you will find a variety of materials such as slide decks, handouts and reference guides to help navigate the Aggie Enterprise project. Check back often as more resources are added in preparation for go-live on January 1, 2024. 

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Go Live Resources

Title File Format Description 
Aggie Enterprise Go Live ChecklistKnowledge Base ArticleAggie Enterprise went live Jan. 4, 2024. Use this checklist to help with Day 1 activities, as well as clean-up and validation activities to be completed over the first several weeks following go live.
Aggie Enterprise Go-Live Support Resources Guide PDFBrings all support resources together in a single place. 
Aggie Enterprise Planning Go-Live Support Resources GuidePDFAggie Enterprise Planning went live Feb. 20, 2024. This guide provides resources to help users get started in Aggie Enterprise Planning.


Project Overview

Title File Format Description 
Aggie Enterprise Overview (Updated Jan. 2023)PPTX The Aggie Enterprise Overview slide deck provides an introduction to the project goals, scope and timeline. Please contact the CCT team to schedule presentations on special topics. 
Aggie Enterprise Project Overview Quick Reference Guide (Updated Dec. 2022)PDFThe Aggie Enterprise Project Overview Quick Reference Guide provides key information about what is changing, why it's changing, and who will be impacted.  
Glossary Web The Aggie Enterprise glossary supports a shared vernacular and understanding of the change.  
Guiding Principles Handout (Updated Dec. 2022)PDF The Guiding Principles are foundational values and priorities that will be referenced throughout the course of the project when evaluating key decisions.  
Preparing for Aggie Enterprise: Checklist (Updated Oct 2023)PDF A checklist of activities that individuals can begin today in order to prepare for Aggie Enterprise. 
Aggie Enterprise Work Stream Resource Guide (Updated Dec 2023)PDFAn easy-to-share collection of resources from the four Aggie Enterprise system work streams: Finance, Planning, Project Portfolio Management (PPM), and Supply Chain.
ADMAN Session - Project Update on October 19, 2023  
ADMAN Session RecordingWebA walk-through of Aggie Enterprise Cutover tools, Updates on training and the Hands-on environment, and an overview of common reports.
ADMAN Session Slide DeckPDFSession slides with hyperlinks.

Chart of Accounts

Title File Format Description 
Chart of Accounts Resource Guide (Updated January 2024)PDFBrings all Chart of Account resources together in a single place in the recommended order for reviewing.
Chart of Accounts Quick Reference Guide (Updated Sept 2023) PDF The Chart of Accounts Quick Reference Guide provides the definition and purpose for each segment, creating a common language for all financial transactions.  
FAU to CoA Mapping Quick Reference Guide (Updated August 2022)PDFThe FAU to CoA Mapping Quick Reference Guide provides high-level details of how current FAU values translate to the new Chart of Accounts.
CoA Baseline Value Tables (Reference Production Hierarchies folder)ExcelThe CoA Baseline Value tables provide the current list of Chart of Accounts values, organized by segment. 
Note: the full list of values is still in development in collaboration with units across UC Davis.
CoA Crosswalks (Reference Crosswalk Key and Crosswalk folder)ExcelKFS FAU to CoA-PPM Crosswalk tools, including Actuals, Base Budget, Carryforward, Current Budget and Non-Sponsored, Non-Capital PPM crosswalks.​​​
CoA Segment micro-learning video and Quick Reference Guides VariesSegment videos provide a quick overview of a single CoA segment. Resources linked below each video provide at-a-glance details and additional information.
Aggie Enterprise Chart String GuidanceExcelThis workbook provides use criteria and guidance for specific Chart of Accounts values. Content is organized into tabs for each CoA segment.
Data Governance Forum on May 30, 2023  
Data Governance Forum - Recordingmp4An overview of Data Governance including the process for requesting new KFS FAU and CoA values (targeted for 7/1/23 implementation) and the review and approval process. (Duration: 52:26)
Data Governance Forum - Slide deckPDFForum slide deck.
Data Governance Forum - Q&APDFAnswers to questions addressed during the Data Governance Forum on May 30, 2023.


TitleFile FormatDescription
Faculty Quick Reference GuidePDFThe Faculty Quick Reference Guide provides high-level details about how Aggie Enterprise impacts faculty, including new chart strings, portfolio reporting and purchasing changes.
Faculty Forum Recordingmp4Overview of the PPM Project structure, important freeze dates, day-in-the-life scenarios, and resource highlights. 
Faculty FAQsWebFaculty-focused FAQs addressing Pre- and Post-go-live questions.
Faculty Fillable TakeawayWordDesigned for department staff to customize for individual faculty, this fillable document helps guide conversations between faculty and department staff about Aggie Enterprise. Content covers project deadlines, new chart strings, and who to contact with questions.


GLIDE Reporting Demo 

Delivered on Apr. 11, 2023

An overview of the General Ledger Interface Detail Entries (GLIDE) reporting tool.

Intro to Data and Reporting Tools demo

Delivered on July 12, 2023

An introduction to some of the data and reporting tools available to support users. Topics include an overview of the Chart of Accounts Segment Report (Cognos) -  a tool to help navigate the new UC Davis Chart of Accounts structure, running a Transaction Listing report, searching PPM Project Costs, and exporting data to Excel. 

Gift Funds in Aggie Enterprise - finding balances

Delivered on March 21, 2024

A demonstration on how to find Gift Fund balances in Aggie Enterprise using the General Accounting Dashboard.

Run the PPM Faculty and Department Portfolio Report

Delivered on April 11, 2024

Review how to run the PPM Faculty and Department Portfolio Report and interpret report output.

View PPM Costs

Delivered on April 16, 2024

Review the steps to view summary and detailed costs for Sponsored and Non-Sponsored Projects in PPM

Using Account Monitor and Inquire on Detail Balances

Delivered on May 13, 2024

Review how to use the Account Monitor and Inquire on Detail Balances to review General Ledger Balances and Drill Down into Subledgers

Running the UCD Transaction Listing Report

Delivered on May 15, 2024

Review the steps for running and scheduling the UCD Transaction Listing Report.

Running the UCD GL Summary Balances Report

Delivered on July 10, 2024

Review the steps for running the UCD GL Summary Balances Report.




UCPath Change Impacts Forum Recording

12/4/23 Update on Funding Entry:

  • Funding Entry snapshot taken 11/20/23
  • Units will receive files for review by mid-December; but units will not be able to submit changes as previously communicated, this is due to Funding Entry being frozen (the Funding Entry freeze was not known at the time of the UCPath 11/8 demo)
  • Units will have to make changes (update or corrections) to Funding Entry in UCPath in January


Aggie Enterprise and UCPath forum, presented on Nov. 8, 2023, topics included:

  • Funding Entry
  • Cost Transfers
  • Cognos Reporting fields

UCPath Change Impacts Forum slides

12/4/23 update: Slide 13 is no longer accurate, see corrections above

PowerPoint slide presentation for the Nov. 8 session
UCPath Q&A document

Answers to questions submitted during the Nov. 8 session (updated 12/5/23)

Also available UCPath FAQs



Aggie Enterprise: Banner Change Impacts Information Session


Presentation Slides

Information session, presented on Nov. 17, 2023, topics included:

  • What will and will not change in Banner as a result of Aggie Enterprise implementation
  • New 271 Report - Banner Transaction Detail in Cognos
  • Important Cutover dates
  • Banner Fund Code Request
  • Request to Pay Form