2023-2024 Fiscal Close Calendar

Departments need to be aware of cut-off deadlines to ensure that transactions are recorded in the appropriate fiscal year.

See updated guidance for fiscal close in Aggie Enterprise

SubjectEnd DateEnd Time (PDT)DescriptionResources 
(If Available)
Deadline: Interlocation Transfer of Funds (ITF)5/15/20245:00PM Last ITF for the fiscal year. ITFs are not processed in the month of June.Interlocation Transfer of Funds
Deadline: SCM Shared Services clients to submit OPP requests for supplier registrations, or updates, to facilitate invoicing.5/27/20245:00PMDeadline for SCM Shared Services clients to submit OPP (Online Pre-Purchasing) requests for supplier registrations, or updates, to facilitate invoicing. Other shared service groups or academic clusters may have different deadlines. Check with your department business office for more information. 
Notification: Period 12 ledgers open for all transactions, including feeds.6/1/20248:00AMJune Preliminary (Period 12) ledgers open for all transactions, including feeds processing (use Period 12) 
Deadline: Supplier Set-up Requests6/3/20245:00PMSupplier set-up registration requests and supplier edit registration requests due to facilitate invoicing.Create a New Supplier or Update an Existing Supplier Record 
Deadline: SCM Shared Services clients to submit OPP requests for processing Payment Requests (non-PO payments).6/7/20245:00PMDeadline for SCM Shared Services clients to submit OPP requests for processing Payment Requests (non-PO payments). Other shared service groups or academic clusters may have different deadlines. Check with your department business office for more information. 
Deadline: Benefit Cost Transfer6/7/2024EODLast day to request Benefit Cost Transfers from Central Payroll, Contracts & Grants Accounting or Student Accounting.

Create a ServiceNow ticket for help.
C&G send a request through Service Now.
Student Accounting email: myaccount@ucdavis.edu
Deadline: Pre-Aggie Enterprise Conversion Cost Transfer6/7/2024EODLast day to request Legacy Cost Transfers for data prior to Aggie Enterprise.Cost Transfers for Expenses Dated 2023 or Earlier (processed after 1/1/2024)
Notification: Accounts Receivable6/10/2024EODBegin reviewing accounts receivable aging reports and determine if invoice write-offs are needed.Run and Export Receivables Aging Report
Deadline: Invoices from Suppliers6/14/20245:00PMDeadline for submission of invoices and Payment Requests to invoicing@ucdavis.edu. Submissions need to be error free with all required documentation. 
Deadline: Intercampus Financial Recharges (IOC)6/20/20245:00PMSubmit Intercampus Order/Charge Form to financialcontrols@ucdavis.edu.Intercampus Order/Charge (IOC)
Deadline: Funding Entry6/20/20245:00PMUCPath: Last day to approve Funding Entry for June 2024 and fiscal year 2025 effective dates. 
Funding Entry Freeze6/21/248:00AMUCPath Funding Entry Freeze (Moratorium). 
(6/21/24 8AM - 6/27/2024 12PM)
Deadline: Submit Request to Close PO6/21/20245:00PMLast day to submit an Aggie Enterprise form request to close POs in Aggie Enterprise.Closing Purchase Orders
Deadline: AggieExpense - Travel Expenses6/21/20245:00PMAggieExpense travel reports must be fully approved by department and submitted to Travel team, free of errors and with all required documentation, by 5:00pm to post in FY 23-24. 
Deadline: AggieExpense - Pcard Expenses6/28/20245:00PMPCard expense reports must be fully approved by department to post to FY 23-24.Create a P-Card Reconciliation Report
Deadline: Deposits to Campus Central Cashier6/28/20244:00PMDeposits must be physically received by the Campus Central Cashier by 4:00pm. 
Deadline: Invoice Boundary Applications6/28/20245:00PMDeadline for submission of invoices through Boundary Applications, free of errors. 
Notification: Fiscal Year 24-25 ledgers open for feeds7/1/2024EODFY 24-25 opens for interface processing. 
Notification: AggieEQ Requests7/1/2024EODJuly 1st through July 12th, Equipment Management will only process AggieEQ requests related to FY 23-24. Equipment Management will not process any requests related to the new fiscal year or requests that are submitted after July 12th until all FY 23-24 closing steps have been completed.Aggie EQ Login
Notification: Accounts Receivable

Estimated Date*


*This is an estimated date, contingent on successful closing of prior modules.
All AR activity through June 30 will post to June. All PAYMENTS received after June 30th will post to July. July will open July 1. As is the case each period (month), when the new period is open, the default date on the invoice is the new period. If you are creating the invoice in July for June activity, you can change the period to June as long as that period is displayed as an option in the dropdown menu.
Funding Entry - MCOP Report7/2/2024EODMultiple Component of Pay (MCOP) report is sent to impacted schools and colleges to verify and make adjustments. 
Deadline: Recharge Submissions Due7/3/20245:00PMDeadline to submit manual recharge requests in using the Internal Billing Recharge Template.KBA0009774 

Download the Internal Billing Recharge Template 
Deadline: Submit Banner entries, including Feeder systems7/3/20242:00PMThis is the last day to submit banner entries for departments that feed to banner. 
Deadline: Accounts Payable Documents7/3/20245:00PMDeadline for campus approvers to approve invoices.Approving Requisitions and Invoices
Deadline: All Boundary System postings for 2024 7/5/2024EODLast day for posting in FY24 except for Lawson and UCPath. 
Deadline: Salary Cost Transfers7/7/20248:00PMAll UCPath SCT document processing must be completed (FINAL or PROCESSED status). 
Close: AP Subledger7/8/20248:00PMAccounts Payable Subledger closes. 
Funding Entry - Report7/8/2024EODFunding roll-over exception report available on the UC Davis UCPath website. 
Funding Entry - Bi-Weekly7/10/20247:00PMUpdate Funding Entry as needed before the July pay confirm. 
Deadline: Capital / Noncapital Transfers7/12/2024EODLast day for departments to submit requests to transfer expenses to/from capital to/from noncapital for inclusion in FY 23/24. (Not including equipment.) 
Tentative Date - Salary Cost Transfer Posts to Ledgers7/13/2024EODLast approved salary cost transfers from 7/7/2024 posts to the ledgers. 
Deadline:  PPM Subledger Closes7/16/20245:00PMProject Portfolio Management Subledger Closes 
Deadline: AR Subledger closes7/17/2412:00PMAccounts Receivable Subledger Closes 
Deadline: Accrual/Deferral Deadline for Departments7/17/202412:00PM  
Deadline: Accrual/Deferral Deadline - Central Finance 7/18/202412:00PM  
Notification: Campus Income Assessment Period 127/19/202411:59PMAfter AR subledger closes, final income assessment will post to the ledgers. 
Deadline: Campus General Ledger 2024 transactions 7/22/202411:59PMLast day to post to the General Ledger. 
Deadline: Central Campus Funding Allocation Requests to Budget Office7/22/2411:59PMLast day for Dean/VC Office to submit for previously approved Central Campus Funding Commitments to BIA analyst.  
Funding Entry - Monthly7/24/20247:00PMUpdate Funding Entry as needed before the July pay confirm 
Deadline: Period 1 Closes to Campus8/8/20247:00PMLast day for departments to process documents for the July (Period 1) fiscal period. Documents must be fully approved by 7:00pm.