Security and Access

The Aggie Enterprise security model provides the appropriate level of access to each user.

Throughout Aggie Enterprise, there are three different levels of roles available to department users: Inquiry, Initiator and Approver. Roles are provisioned based on business needs, determined by unit leadership. 

  • Review the Aggie Enterprise Security Role Overview for a summary of departmental roles available in Aggie Enterprise 
  • Aggie Enterprise (Oracle) uses our current "single sign-on" framework via Shibboleth.
  • Requests for access are submitted through a Security Liaison for your unit/department.

Questions? Contact your unit's security liaison. 

Click below to learn more about security levels, access requests, security liaisons and training.

  • Who will have access
  • Aggie Enterprise access is available for active employees with a primary job in UCPath business unit equal to DVCMP or UCANR with FTE greater than 0. 

    Aggie Enterprise access is not available to:
    > Business Unit DVMED
    > Contingent Workers; workers in UCPath that have a Job Code beginning with CWR and/or Pay Group = CWR
    > Temporary Affiliates (non-employees) 
    > Without Salary (WOS) jobs 

    If a person falls into any of the above excluded (not available) categories, and it is believed that they do need Aggie Enterprise access, please work with your unit's Aggie Enterprise Security Liaison to submit a "non-licensed user access request". The Aggie Enterprise Service Delivery team will review these requests and determine the appropriate next steps. 
  • Security Levels 
    Role Type Definition Who should be assigned
    Inquiry Full transparency into the system; these roles do not allow the user to perform any type of transactions.  Anyone who needs access to view any part of Oracle; this may include faculty, staff and students, as appropriate. 
    Transactor (Initiator) Ability to create or take action in the system, but not approve a transaction.  Anyone who will create, manage, upload, enter and correct information in the system.
    Approver Ability to approve a transaction; multiple individuals can be assigned as approvers creating an approval group.  Those individuals with authority to approve financial transactions on behalf of the unit.  


  • Requesting Access
  • Aggie Enterprise Security Liaisons (see table below to identify department contacts) have been identified for each department/unit and/or division. Questions about access should first go to your department's Aggie Enterprise Security Liaison and they will escalate appropriately. Utilizing the Aggie Enterprise Security Liaison will ensure questions are resolved as quickly as possible. 

    The role of the Security Liaison is to:
    > Review requested and assigned Aggie Enterprise roles.
    > Help respond to any questions or concerns for their departments.
    > Coordinate questions and access updates with the Aggie Enterprise Security team.
    > Approve access requests and assist with submitting requests to the Aggie Enterprise Security team.

    Process for Submitting Access Requests
    1. Submit access request via email to your Aggie Enterprise Security Liaison.
    2. Aggie Enterprise Security Liaison will submit, using the request template, to the Aggie Enterprise Security team.
    3. Aggie Enterprise Security Team will provision appropriate roles in Aggie Enterprise.
  • Aggie Enterprise Security Liaisons
  • School, College and Administrative Unit Aggie Enterprise Security Liaisons
    Organization Security Liaison(s) 
    Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) Scott Leaf
    Raghuvir Goradia
    Cal Aggie Alumni Association (CAAA) Christian Rockwood
    Garren Rock
    Leann Castaneda
    College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences  Asheley Greenlee
    Gwen Caramanica
    Janelle Kohl
    Shannon Tanguay
    Tara Barbier
    College of Biological Sciences Jennifer Sang
    Laura Aranda Arestegui
    College of Engineering Elissa Roeser
    Melanie Clague
    College of Letters & Sciences Juliana Tuttle
    Sandra Cortes
    Continuing and Professional Education Lindsey Dunn
    Tim Belding
    Development and Alumni Relations (DEVAR) Christian Rockwood
    Leann Castaneda
    Jae Park
    Finance, Operations and Administration (FOA): Business Partners

    Amber Sharpe
    Nicholas Penrose
    Irina Skiba

    Graduate School of Management Jim Kelly
    Michele Goodman
    Graduate Studies Rosemary Martin-Ocampo
    Information and Education Technology (IET) Juan Manuel Zaragoza Hernandez
    Intercollegiate Athletics Sean Quinn
    Library  Elizabeth Vaziri
    Lynne Ashcraft
    Office of Research Delanda Buchanan
    Dorothy Chan
    Tiffany Dong
    Office of the Chancellor and Provost Jennifer Paoli
    Matthew Foster
    School of Education Damian Chapman
    Donna Connolly
    School of Law Kristina Do-Vu
    Tuyet Hoang
    School of Medicine Aimee Marie Wilkins
    Laura Antonelli
    School of Nursing Holly Evans
    Steven Wells
    School of Veterinary Medicine Mary McNally
    Shireen Lovell
    Student Affairs Monica Wilson
    Sarah Reynolds
    UC Davis Foundation Christian Rockwood
    Jae Park