Training Strategy

Aggie Enterprise training will deliver the knowledge, skills and abilities to successfully navigate and use the new system at go-live on January 1, 2024.

For training content, follow a link to one of the modules below.

Training Timeline

Aggie Enterprise training is being delivered in phased approach:

  • Phase 1: kicks off August 8, 2022 with the Chart of Accounts eLearning courses, which will be followed by additional CoA resources. 
  • Phase 2: begins late July 2023 with eLearning and self-support resources (how-to guides, etc.) released throughout July, August & September.
  • Phase 3: launches in October 2023 with registration for instructor led courses for select areas (PPM, AR, GL).
  • Phase 4: eLearning for Aggie Enterprise Planning will be available early 2024.
Aggie Enterprise training timeline

Training Timeline (PDF) | Text Alternative

Aggie Enterprise Training Workgroup

The Aggie Enterprise Training Workgroup launched in February 2023. Representatives from Schools, Colleges and Administrative Units have been charged with providing strategic guidance and feedback around Aggie Enterprise training efforts and materials.

Workgroup Charge

  • Provide strategic guidance and serve as advocates to support adoption of Aggie Enterprise
  • Advise on methods for deploying training
  • Assess supplementary training tools and solutions
  • Network and learn from other universities using Oracle Cloud Financials
  • Identify synergies and leading practices in successful end-user training
  • Advise on types of support that would be helpful before and after go live
  • Provide guidance on the most effective communication channels
  • Review and provide feedback on training content

Workgroup Members

Crystal O’Hara Communications and Training, UC Davis Supply Chain Management
Damian Chapman Assistant Dean, School of Education
Elissa Roeser Assistant Dean, College of Engineering
Erica Aichwalder Manager, Office of Business Transformation
Jennifer Rossi Chief Administrative Officer, UC Davis Health School of Medicine
Jim Hewlett Communications and Training, UC Davis Supply Chain Management
Monica Wilson Director of Student Affairs Divisional Resources, Student Affairs
Myrene Abot Interim Executive Officer, Office of Chancellor and Provost
Tara Zimmerman Manager, UC Davis Health School of Medicine
Terrence Ireland Assistant Director, Budget and Institutional Analysis