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This page contains text-alternatives for illustrations, such as flowcharts and screen captures, that are presented on the Aggie Enterprise website.

"Project Overview Timeline"


  • Aggie Enterprise
    • Start date: April 2021
    • Go-live date: January 2024. All users begin transacting in Aggie Enterprise using the new CoA.
  • CoA
    • Start date: January 2021
    • Transition period: July - December 2023. Units continue using the FAU in KFS. Central offices translate date to CoA for UCOP reporting. 
  • COFI
    • Start date: March 2021
    • Completion date: March 2022

"Change Management Strategy"


"Aggie Enterprise Change Management Strategy" appears at the center of a circle, surrounded by "Project Team," "Subject Matter Experts," "Training," "Communications," "Change Network," and "Super Users."

"Project Management and Change Management Strategy"


"Project Management Office (PMO)" and "Change, Communications and Training (CCT)" run parallel, with PMO at the top, followed by four columns for Chart of Accounts (CoA), Common Operating Fund (COFI), Downstream/Upstream System Integrations, and Oracle Cloud Implementation. CCT appears across the bottom of the graphic.

  • Chart of Accounts (COA)
    • Implementation of UC Office of the President mandated Common Chart of Accounts
    • Will require clean-up of current accounts
    • Design and implementation of new chart of accounts
  • Common Operating Fund Initiative (COFI)
    • Simplification of fund management, making it easier to manage budget and expenditures for core operations on unrestricted funds
    • Pools unrestricted funds into two central funds
  • Downstream/Upstream System Integrations
    • Inventory of campus systems and points of integration in current financial system (Kuali)
    • Assessment of integration needs in future state system (Oracle) downstream impacts
  • Oracle Cloud Implementation
    • Design and implement Oracle Cloud Services modules to modernize financial and business operations
    • Will require alignment (or redesign) of business processes

"System Replacements"


Aggie Enterprise system graphic depicting UC Davis finance, budget and procurement systems that will be replaced by AggieEnterprise, including AggieBudget, AggieBuy, Cost Share Application, FIS Decision Support, Ledger Review, Kuali Financial System and Vendor W9.

"Aggie Enterprise Project Phases"


  • PHASE 0: April - June 2021
    • Project Management and Change Management planning
    • Oracle training and certification for Functional and Technical teams
    • Chart of Accounts design and prototype mapping
    • COFI kick-off
  • DEFINE & DESIGN (IMAGINE): July - December 2021
    • Clarify stakeholder requirements
    • Map requirements to Oracle Cloud functions
    • Identify gaps and develop high-level design
    • Process redesign kick-off
    • Socialize the Chart of Accounts
  • BUILD: January - June 2022
    • Configuration planning; develop integration standards and scenarios
    • Chart of Accounts configuration into Oracle
    • Build and begin iterative testing
  • TEST: July 2022 - September 2023
    • Iterative system integration, super user and user acceptance testing
    • Conversion validation
    • End-user training
  • CUTOVER: October - December 2023
    • Prepare final configurations
    • Operational readiness assessment activities
    • Knowledge transfer and training
  • GO-LIVE: January 1, 2024
    •  Aggie Enterprise is LIVE
  • HYPERCARE: January 2024 - ongoing
    • Change Management reinforcement
    • Ensure structures and procedures are in place to support users' adoption and usage
    • Continued end-user training

"UAT vs. Hands-On Training Opportunities – Timeline"


  • User Acceptance Testing: Week of Sept. 4 through week of Oct. 9
  • Hands-on Training Environment: Week of Oct. 2 through week of Oct. 23, available through go-live on Jan. 1, 2024.

"Training Timeline"


  • January-September 2023: System/Process Demos – System and process demos include procurement, fixed assets, reporting, faculty reporting, journal approvals and UCPath funding entry.
  • Town halls scheduled in January, June, September and November 2023.
  • January-February 2023: Super User Hands-On Training
  • May-July 2023: Super User Acceptance Testing (SUAT)
  • September-mid October: User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • January-December 2023: Chart of Accounts eLearning
  • August-December 2023: Oracle eLearning (Finance, PPM and Supply Chain)*
  • October-December 2023: Oracle Instructor-Led Training (Finance and PPM)*
  • October-December 2023: Access to Hands-On Environment
  • Go-Live January 1, 2024

*Training for Aggie Enterprise Planning will take place after Go-Live to prepare users for cutover from AggieBudget in July 2024.