The Aggie Enterprise project timeline can be viewed in a series of high level stages, from project planning and team training all the way through hypercare. 

Aggie Enterprise Project Phases

Updated November 29, 2023

Aggie Enterprise project phases timeline

Aggie Enterprise Project Phases | Text Alternative

  • Phase 0 efforts laid the foundation for project success through integrated Project Management and Change Management planning, and Oracle training for the Functional and Technical teams. Chart of Accounts (CoA) prototype design and the kick-off of the Common Operating Fund Initiative (COFI) set out to align UC Davis accounting structure with the UC Office of the President. 

  • Imagine: The Imagine phase included the full implementation of COFI funds, and Governance approval of the final Chart of Accounts segment design and definitions.  Project team efforts focused on defining stakeholder needs and exploring how those needs could be met through the Oracle system and updated business processes. Functional leads and subject matter experts (SMEs) partnered to capture the “who”, “what” and “why” of stakeholders requirements through more than 1150 user stories.  

  • Build: The Build phase focused on configuring the Oracle system to meet UC Davis needs. Aggie Enterprise used an iterative approach to execute 6 build sprints between January and July 2022; this allowed for early and frequent review and validation of the system functionality. Functional and technical leads partnered with SMEs to build the system's process flows, review and validate against user stories and identify continuous improvement opportunities, aligning with Aggie Enterprise Guiding Principles. It was also during build that the project team began data conversion, extracting data from today's system (e.g., KFS), reformatting and loading into Aggie Enterprise. Data conversion cycles enable the team to check that data integrity and embedded structures translate correctly from the legacy system to the new system. 

  • Test: Testing is the execution of Aggie Enterprise business processes in a simulated environment, to validate configuration and outputs, before the system is put into production (go live).  A rigorous testing strategy supports these activities, ensuring Aggie Enterprise meets UC Davis unique business process, data and reporting requirements. Testing phases include:

    • Super User Acceptance Testing (SUAT) - May 1 - August 4, 2023
      UAT provided the Super User cohort with greater exposure to the system, and supported initial defect resolution. Testers ran 2057 business process tests, demonstrating key system functionality augmented by boundary applications. Processes tested in SUAT had an average pass rate of 96%. 

    • User Acceptance Testing (UAT) - September 11 - October 20, 2023
      User Acceptance Testing (UAT) focuses on validating that Aggie Enterprise meets the needs of users and functions correctly in user’s real-world scenarios. An estimated 200 testers will work hands-on in Aggie Enterprise to confirm that business processes work as designed, and that the system is ready for Go-Live on January 1, 2024.

    • Hands-on Training Environment (available early October 2023)
      The Hands-On Training environment is an opportunity for the broader UC Davis user population to gain system experience prior to Go-Live.  UC Davis employees will be provisioned in their production-like Aggie Enterprise roles, and users will have access to step-by-step guides to follow as they practice using the new system and business processes. This environment will also be used to support Instructor-Led Training, where participants can complete training exercises. 

  • Cutover: In the context of a system implementation, the term "cutover" refers to the process of transitioning from an old or existing system to a new system. It involves a planned and coordinated set of activities to switch over from the old system to the new one. To prepare for cutover, UC Davis will need to reduce changes to legacy systems (e.g., KFS) by putting a freeze in place. In May 2023, Aggie Enterprise Governance approved Cutover and Freeze dates, organized in the Aggie Enterprise Cutover and Freeze Date Guidance Knowledge Base article (below); you can also use the calendar at the bottom of all Aggie Enterprise webpages to view dates by week, month or in a list format.
    > Refer to the Supply Chain calendar for important dates related to purchasing, payables and travel and entertainment freeze dates
    > See FAQs for answers to freeze date questions. 

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