Aggie Enterprise Invoice and Payment Process

This page provides an overview of the Invoice and Payment Process in Aggie Enterprise.

Aggie Enterprise will improve the processing of payments issued against Purchase Orders, as well as payments where no Purchase Order is involved.  Invoices associated with an established Purchase Order in Aggie Enterprise will be processed/paid by central Accounts Payable staff.  No departmental action or intervention will be required to pay for Purchase Orders created in Aggie Enterprise.

Purchase Order Payments

Current Process Future State in Aggie Enterprise
Invoices are submitted to AP through multiple channels (e.g. email, USPS, Transcepta, PDF). Invoices are submitted through the Aggie Enterprise Invoicing Module inbox with a standard route for all invoices.
Accounts Payable staff (and some departments) manually create invoices in the system. Central AP will be responsible for all invoice processing.
A routing invoice to a Fiscal Officer provides a warning message advising that receiving needs to be completed for the associated Purchase Order. A Fiscal Officer cannot approve the invoice until receiving is completed by the department.

Receiving will be available and optional in the system. Business rules will not be driven based on whether or not receiving is completed in Aggie Enterprise. 

Please note that receiving may still be required by the funding agency/source for the purchase, even if it's not required by the system.

At the time a Requisition is created, a customer can opt-in to require departmental approval for all associated invoices for specific line items on a Requisition.

Standard functionality will require invoice departmental approval for transactions at or above $10K.

Non-Purchase Order Payments

Non-Purchase Order Payment Process Aggie Enterprise

Current Process Future State in Aggie Enterprise
Departments initiate non-PO payments directly in KFS on the Disbursement Voucher document.
  1. Department will complete a non-PO payment form request.
  2. The form will be received by the Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) system.
  3. AP will finish processing the invoice.
  4. The invoice will route for fiscal approval.   All non-PO invoices will require departmental fiscal approval.
  5. Payment will be issued once the non-PO invoice has been fully approved.
AP reviews payment requests as the last step of the workflow. After the department fiscal officer review, the payment request will be ready for payment.  Unlike invoices assigned to a PO, ALL non-PO invoices will require review and approval by the department.
Tax Reporting reviews payments that might require tax withholding. No change.  Tax Reporting will still review payments that might require tax withholding.

Other Payment Types

Wire Transfer Processing

Non-AggieExpense (Travel) wires will be requested through Aggie Enterprise, through an online ticketing system. Unlike with the Kuali Financial System (KFS), payment and account information will not be entered directly in Aggie Enterprise by departmental users.

Professional Reimbursement Processing

Employee reimbursements for professional expenses will continue to be processed in AggieExpense.  AggieExpense will continue to be available and interface with the new Aggie Enterprise system.

Travel Payment Processing

Travel payments (and travel arrangements) will continue to be processed in AggieExpense.  AggieExpense will continue to be available and interface with the new Aggie Enterprise system.

PI Payment Approval for Sub-Recipient Invoices

  • Currently, Principal Investigators (PIs) are required to approve subaward payments, but departments complete the process in a non-standardized manner.
  • In the current process, PIs receive payment requests for payments to federal awards.  PIs must review and approve payments to sub-recipients of federal rewards.
  • Aggie Enterprise will standardize and streamline the PI approval process, ensuring that appropriate documentation is available for audit and record keeping purposes.
Current Process Future State in Aggie Enterprise

Varying internal departmental processes exist (offline) for PIs to review and approve.

Standard approach for all departments will be implemented.

Process is maintained by department administrative staff; disparate and inconsistent record keeping.

Process will be documented within the system’s approval records; providing standardized audit trail.

Manual process is in place.

There will be automated routing. A document will be initiated in Aggie Enterprise and will route to the PI for approval.  The PI approval can be done via the email notification.

Accounts Payable Transition Specifics

  • AP Credit Memos in the Kuali Financial System (KFS) with an Open status as of Friday 12/15/23 will be converted to Aggie Enterprise.