Emergency Order Process During System Freezes in November and December

Plan ahead now for the system down time in November and December. During the period in November and December when KFS and AggieBuy are unavailable, the Procurement Card will continue to be available for supply purchases below $10,000 (excluding capital assets).  Card limits vary based on department needs and limits may need to be increased during that time period.  If looking to increase card limits please send a request to cardprogramhelp@ucdavis.edu.  Departments should review their list of Procurement Cardholders to ensure that they have an appropriate number of cardholders to meet their business needs.  

The AggieSupply Stores (Scientific Store, MRO, Chemistry Store) will continue to be available for in-store shopping during the system freeze downtime, with the exception of the last week of December (December 25, 2023 through January 1, 2024).

If there is a need for purchasing items that exceed a total of $10,000, capital assets, and most services, Procurement & Contracting Services will be able to assist as needed. An online request form will be available for making an emergency request.

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