What KFS Purchase Orders, Agreements and Supplier Records Will Transition to Aggie Enterprise

Quick Summary

  • Prepare for KFS orders, agreements, and suppliers transitioning to Aggie Enterprise. Active agreements and suppliers with an end date beyond January 1, 2024, will transition smoothly, requiring new requisitions for post go-live changes.

KFS Purchase Orders Transitioning to Aggie Enterprise 

Open Purchase Orders created on or after January 1, 2022 in KFS or AggieBuy, or Open Purchase Orders created at any time with an associated payment processed since January 1, 2022 will transition to Aggie Enterprise. This same approach will apply to Non-Purchase Agreement PO documents as well. Note: Closed POs, including those with encumbrances, will not transition to Aggie Enterprise. POs not transitioning to Aggie Enterprise will remain in KFS where users should still be able to view them for a limited time period to be determined. 

KFS Purchase Agreements Transitioning to Aggie Enterprise 

Those agreements with a balance still available, or with an agreement end date later than January 1, 2024 will transition to Aggie Enterprise. Departments will be able to continue purchasing against these Purchase Agreements in Aggie Enterprise. This includes Non-Purchase Agreement documents as well.

How Will Transitioned POs and Agreements Work in Aggie Enterprise?  

Transitioned KFS Purchase Orders and departmental Purchase Agreements will be usable in Aggie Enterprise, as long as no changes are needed.  Once Aggie Enterprise goes live, if changes are needed to a KFS transitioned PO or departmental Blanket Agreement, that PO or Agreement will need to be closed in Aggie Enterprise and a new Requisition created in Aggie Enterprise to issue a new Purchase Order.

KFS Supplier Records Transitioning to Aggie Enterprise

Active suppliers with POs, Agreements, or payments initiated January 1, 2022, or later will be converted to Aggie Enterprise. Any supplier record added to KFS after July 1st, 2023 and activated before the conversion date of December 5th, 2023 will also be transitioned to Aggie Enterprise.  Supplier data transitioning to Aggie Enterprise will include business classification information (e.g. small and diverse business classifications), addresses, payment method, and insurance information.

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