Faculty Accounts, Awards and Internal Resources in Aggie Enterprise

Quick Summary

  • Gear up for the Aggie Enterprise go-live on January 1, 2024, replacing Kuali Financial System with Project Portfolio Management. Faculty, streamline your transition by clearing budgets, addressing deadlines, and embracing the new financial operations.

Aggie Enterprise is scheduled to go live on Jan. 1, 2024, marking a major leap forward in managing financial operations at UC Davis. To prepare for the change, it is important for faculty to understand how Aggie Enterprise will impact their accounts and resource management.  

Impacts to Accounts, Awards and Faculty-managed Internal Resources 

The Project Portfolio Management (PPM) module of Aggie Enterprise will support grant management, projects and reporting, replacing Kuali Financial System (KFS). Existing KFS accounts will be migrated to PPM. KFS awards (funds) that have not been closed and/or have a balance will be migrated as awards; expense accounts, including expired ones, will be migrated as projects. 

In addition, faculty-managed internal resources, such as startup funds, professional development funds and Senate and Federation grants will be managed in PPM. In Aggie Enterprise, each faculty member will be assigned a unique Faculty Project number, with individual tasks representing each source of funding. For more information, refer to the e-learning, Getting Started with the PPM Subledger in Aggie Enterprise

How to Prepare 

Investing time in account cleanup in KFS will help ensure a smooth transition to Aggie Enterprise. 

Faculty are encouraged to work with business office staff in their schools and colleges to clear negative budgets by Tuesday, November 21, 2023, and address overdrafts and encumbrances by Friday, December 1, 2023. If left unattended, these records will be migrated to Aggie Enterprise, creating duplicate awards and projects in the new system. 

The following is a detailed list of recommended actions to support the cutover from KFS to Aggie Enterprise: 

Action Deadline

Clear all negative budgets, with the exception of leave assessment and usage. 

Expire all Contracts and Grants expense accounts that are no longer needed.  11/21/2023 
Clear all overdrafts, unless additional funds are expected.   12/01/2023 
Clear all encumbrances associated with a Purchase Order (PO) that is no longer required.   12/01/2023 
Clear encumbrances of subawards that have ended and have been fully invoiced.   12/01/2023 

Purchasing and Travel Processing Deadlines  

Additionally, Aggie Enterprise will replace AggieBuy, the new system provides similar purchasing functionality and shoppers will continue to benefit from UC Davis pricing agreements.  

In preparation for the transition, several UC Davis systems and processes will be unavailable, or limited, from Wednesday, November 22, 2023, to Tuesday, January 2, 2024, impacting purchasing, accounts payable, and travel and entertainment expense reconciliation. Review the calendar of Supply Chain deadlines in November and December and ask your department staff about any internal deadlines that may precede the campus-wide deadlines.  

We recommend purchasing ahead or stocking up on select items. In addition, we recommend identifying your department’s Procurement Cardholders to help ensure access to delegated purchasing during the downtime. The Procurement Card can continue to be used during the time that other SCM systems are unavailable. 

Purchasing Suggestions 

Purchase the following ahead of time in AggieBuy or KFS, whenever possible and practical: 

  • Class and Lab Supplies for Winter Quarter 2024 
  • Office Supplies 
  • Cleaning and Maintenance Supplies 
  • Animal Feed 
  • Medical Supplies 
  • Controlled Substances (Note current supply chain issues) 
  • Any other purchases that are normally made in November or December 

In the event of an emergency, work with your unit’s purchasing staff. 

Read Supply Chain Management’s Recommendations to Prepare for Aggie Enterprise


Faculty are encouraged to attend the upcoming Aggie Enterprise Faculty Forum on Friday, Oct. 20, 2023, from 12:30 to 1 p.m., via Zoom, to learn more about the impacts of the new system and business processes. 

Faculty are not required to participate in training, but if you are interested in learning more, visit Aggie Enterprise PPM for how-to videos, job aids and self-paced training. 

For questions about how Aggie Enterprise impacts processes in your school or college, reach out to a member of the Change Network in your unit. To reach the Aggie Enterprise team, contact the Help Desk.  

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