Aggie Enterprise and UCPath Change Impacts

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  • Discover the UCPath CoA transition, affecting funding entries and salary transfers. Stay informed on UC Davis' funding freeze and cutover dates for a seamless switch to the new system by January 8.

On Nov. 8, 2023, UCPath and Aggie Enterprise representatives hosted a forum on UCPath impacts anticipated when Aggie Enterprise goes live in January 2024.

View recording and materials from the forum


As the payroll system of record and a boundary system to Aggie Enterprise, UCPath will be reconfigured from the Full Accounting Unit (FAU) to align with the new “language” of the Chart of Accounts (CoA) and POET(AF) strings.   

The reconfiguration from the FAU to the CoA and POET(AF) will impact: 
       • Funding distribution entries in UCPath 
       • Salary Cost Transfers (SCT) 
       • Funding overrides 
       • Cognos reporting fields 
       • AggieService ticket fields 

UCPath functionality will remain unchanged. 

Chart of Accounts and POET(AF) Learning Resources
It is important for users in Aggie Enterprise, UCPath General Ledger, and Cognos to understand the CoA and POET(AF) chart strings and how the Full Accounting Unit (FAU) maps to the CoA. The Chart of Accounts Segment Design and Definitions page contains videos, self-paced training and reference materials to guide you through the new CoA.

Freeze Dates and Cutover 

The term "cutover" refers to the process of transitioning from a legacy system to a new system. While UCPath functionality will remain unchanged, the account structure will change to align with the new UC Davis CoA. To prepare for cutover, UC Davis will need to reduce changes to legacy systems by putting a freeze in place.

A series of freeze dates are planned throughout November and December, which will impact specific functions within UCPath, such as funding entries, Direct Retros, Salary Cost Transfers and Benefit Cost Transfers. Review dates and impacts in the Aggie Enterprise Cutover and Freeze Date Guidance Knowledge Base article. 

Funding Updates in UCPath 

The initial mapping of current and future-dated funding will be completed by the Central Office, using a mapping tool and a “snapshot” of funding in UCPath as of November 20. UCPath transactors are encouraged to complete any known funding entry changes by 5 p.m. in order to be captured in this mapping. 

Units will have an opportunity to review and validate the mapping before the Central Office uploads it into the UCPath system. 

The mapping snapshot will include: 
       •  The latest effective dated funding row that is not dated after: 
                 - 12/24/23 (for bi-weekly) 
                 - 01/01/24 (for monthly)    
The mapping snapshot will not include: 
       •  Future dated funding effective after the dates above 
       •  New hires hired after November 20, 2023   

Users can continue to update Funding Entry distributions until December 19. For funding entries processed between November 21 and December 19, funding must be entered using the current FAU format. When the system goes live on January 8, departments will need to process a funding entry update to change these distributions to the new Chart of Accounts format. 


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